September 2018 meetup

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We’ve another guest speaker this month: Neil Stevenson from Hazelcast.

Neil will be talking about “Real-Time Analytics of Real Data”.

Big data is defined by it’s size, a huge volume of information to sift through to derive insights and aggregations. Fast data is defined by it’s speed, rapidly changing and requiring rapid analysis. What happens if you have both? A mass of data but you need quick analysis. An overnight batch won’t be good enough here. What we need is to process the data as it arrives, before it is stored, to get the earliest possible result.

To solve this problem, we’ll take a look at Hazelcast. This is a well-known In-Memory Data Grid with a streaming analytics engine known as Jet, and both of these are Java based.

We’ll take a look then at the essence of streaming analytics, the basics and some theory. Then we’ll dive into the reality, with how streaming is implemented. And to show this works, we’ll do some demos, simple coding to do powerful real-world tasks, on real-world data, in real-time. Live!

As always anyone is welcome to attend, but if you do plan to come please get a free ticket so we can judge numbers for food and drinks.

If you have any special dietary requirements please get in touch and we’ll try to accommodate them.

Hazelcast are also running a free training course in Edinburgh on the 27th.