November 2016 meetup

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Michael and Nicolas are flying in from SonarSource in Geneva to give a talk on static analysis in Java.

As always NCR will be providing food and drink for the event. We’re expecting a high turnout so are doing free tickets on eventbrite. Please get one if you’re planning to come.

DIY Java static analysis

SonarQube Java Analyzer explained, from parsing Java source code to symbolic execution.

Discover how static analysis is a way to find bugs in your code by discovering the internals of the Java Analyzer of SonarQube.

What are the difficulties to understand the Java Language? What is syntactic analysis, semantic analysis and symbolic execution? And how, just relying on source code it is possible to find issues in your code without executing it?

Answering all these questions will allow you to be able to write your own static analysis rules in Java!