June 2017 meetup

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This month we have not one talk, but two.

Bartek Marsaszek will present his impressive attempt to have a longer talk title than last month with his talk entitled :-

“Most developers agree that this is the best way to remove compile-time dependencies”

If you like the talks you attend to have an air of mystery stop reading now. If your prefer more details read to the end of this sentence and discover that the talk will be about CDI events, what they are, how to fire them, listen to them and add qualifiers.

Our second talk is from Scott Steen and is more succinctly and transparently titled

“Some cool things about Gradle”

If there’s time we’ll throw some lean coffee into the mix as well.

As always the talks are free and will start at 7 at the NCR offices at Kittle Yards.

Anyone is welcome to attend - if you’re planning to come please get a free ticket from EventBrite so we can judge numbers for food and drinks.

If you have any special dietary requirements please get in touch and we’ll try to accommodate them.